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Helping victims of child prostitution become lawyers and prosecutors
so they can bring those responsible to justice.

About School for Justice

“In India around 1.2 million children are exploited as prostitutes. in 2015 only 55 cases led to convictions for these crimes.“

India has the most underage sex workers in the world with an estimated 1.2 million children working in brothels against their will. Yet, in 2015 there were only 55 cases that led to convictions in the whole of India. The fact that the perpetrators are not punished is what’s allowing – and will keep allowing – underage prostitution to happen.

We have founded the School for Justice to break this cycle. The School for Justice is an institution where girls rescued from child prostitution will be educated to become lawyers and prosecutors with the power to prosecute the criminals who once owned them.

The School for Justice is more than a physical school; it’s an entire programme. We’re collaborating with one of the best law universities in India to guarantee a first-rate education and the opportunity to become successful lawyers.

For safety reasons, we cannot use the full names of the girls nor can we name the university with which we are collaborating.

Meet the Students

All students of the School for Justice were forced into prostitution at a very young age.

They were freed from human trafficking, but their perpetrators remain free.
These girls are passionate about changing the system that allows these crimes to happen over and over again.
As they start their legal education, enrolment for next year’s class will already have begun.


The girls at the School for Justice need all the support that they can get.

You can help to make the School for Justice a success. With the click of a button, you can help us by sharing our story and raising awareness, or donating to give these girls the best chance of succeeding.

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Free A Girl India

Free a Girl India fights against human trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation of children in India. We believe there is a need to change the conversation and mobilise society to act so that child prostitution in India will become a problem of the past.

Free a Girl India focuses on:

Creating awareness about the problem of child prostitution and the fact that the perpetrators are not being punished. Mobilising the support of the public to fight against this crime.

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